Laurenskerk reflection on Markthal windows

A Quick Visit to Rotterdam

City of Rotterdam is slighty larger than The Hague when measured by population. Area of the city is much larger including the huge Port of Rotterdam. Public transport and trains are pretty decent in Netherlands. Train ride from The Hague to Rotterdam is quick and cheap. It takes about 20 minutes and costs around 5 euros (oneway). Also trains run pretty frequently. City of Delft is located between The Hague and Rotterdam. I’ve heard that Delft is also worth a visit.

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe covering astonishing 105 square kilometres. The presence of the port is shown all over the townscape. Huge office buildings and canal routes are the characterizing for Rotterdam. You can not avoid feeling the breeze of the North Sea. The wind was blowing 13 meters per second, which was a little too much for an inland Finn.

Photography of Rotterdam

The most spectacular attraction for me in Rotterdam was a The Martkhal (market hall). Unique and impressive architecture combined with a large size, makes Markthal a fascinating place to visit and photograph. Another impressive place to see is The Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug) connecting the north and south parts of Rotterdam.


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