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Rummu Estonia Prison Beach

Rummu Underwater Prison in Estonia

Rummu’s abandoned underwater prison and quarry is located about 40 kilometers west from Tallinn. Rummu is a small town in Estonia, that hides a blue clear water lagoon. Water is cold like the ruins of the prison. This magical place is perfect for swimming and scuba diving on a sunny summer day. Every summer more and more turists discover the beach and it truly is a must visit location in Tallinn.

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Ungru Manor Castle Ruins

Ungru Manor Ruins in Estonia

Ungru Manor castle ruins are an impressive sight. Massive ruins can be easily spotted from the road next to it. It is just over an hour drive from Tallinn. The Manor was founded in 1523 and build from local materials under the supervision of an Estonian master builders A. Saar, E. Schwartz, and P. Shubaneyev. You can read more of the Ungru Manor’s history below in one of the pictures of the information board. Estonia is a country with a long history. The land is full of similar old castles, monasteries and fortresses.

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Haapsalu Railway Station

Estonian Railway Museum

Estonian Railway and Communications Museum is located in Haapsalu. The Museum is in the old railway station building. The building was completed in 1906 and the station opened in 1907. Wooden building has over 214 meters of covered platform. Building is full of beautiful wooden ornaments. The station is playing an old steam locomotive sounds for visitors. The museum has a handcar and the old train schedules. The station was also recently featured in the movie Miekkailjia. Even though it is an old railway station, there are rails only the length of the station. There are old locomotives and steam engines on the rails.

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Haapsalu A Bed Of Reeds

Haapsalu – Beautiful Estonia

As a Finn I’ve always considered Finland as the most beautiful country on summer. But summerly Finland got a challenger from the south: beauful Estonia. Estonia, or Tallinn for a Finn, has always been the southern part of Helsinki, from which I buy alcoholic beverages. Not because they are cheap there, but because they are ridiculously expensive in Finland. So far my experiences with Estonia have been limited to the city of Tallinn. Luckily life carried me off the tourist tracks of Tallinn for an adventure in western Estonia, Haapsalu.

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The Flag of Netherlands

Good to know about The Netherlands

Now that I’ve lived half a year in the Netherlands, I can finally sum up some of the things that I’ve learned of the mysterious Dutch. Many everyday things are very similar to those in Finland and English language is spoken well in everywhere. This summary is from a Finnish point of view and deals with The Hague (Den Haag), and other nearby cities, as Amsterdam is a completely different topic. But anyways, here are some things that are good to know from the Netherlands. I’m not going to make BuzzFeed style listing or numbering, so topics below are in no particular order.

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Keukenhof is one of the most famous landmarks in the Netherlands. It is The Garden of Europe, full of tulips, orchids, hyacinhts, and hundreds of other different varieties of flowers. On every summer weekend huge masses of people begin to trundle towards the Keukenhof. Cars and busses are blocking all roads leading to Keukenhof for several kilometers. Thousands of tourists from around the world will arrive on the spot to admire the floral arrangements.

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Antwerpen, Belgium

Day Trip to Antwerpen

Day Trip to Antwerpen took place in beautiful weather. This was my first time in Belgium. Travelling from Netherlands to Belgium is like travelling from city to city. No border customs or anything which would have revealed that we arrived in Belgium. Nonresident does not notice differences in the cityscape between these countries.

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Madurodam Miniature Holland in Den Haag


Madurodam is one of the most popular attractions in The Hague. A large open-air park contains a huge amount of The Netherlands in miniature size. The park is located near to the Scheveningen Beach. The park has almost all of the Dutch must-see attractions; Port of Rotterdam, Shiphol Airport, Tulip fields, Windmills, Cheese factories, Cathedrals, Castles, Wooden Clogs, Canals, Binnenhof, Streets of Amsterdam, International Peace Palace and many many more…

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Holi Festival 2015 Den Haag

Holi Festival

Holi Festival is also known as the festival of colors and the festival of love. The festival is celebrated in the spring It’s origin is in India and Hindu religion, but today also many non-Hindus celebrate it. There are a lot of people from India in The Hague. 15th of March people gathered at Schalk Burgerplein to celebrate the spring. A loud parade lead by a truck with speakers and singers circled the local neighbourhood for couple of hours.

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