Rummu Estonia Prison Beach

Rummu Underwater Prison in Estonia

Rummu’s abandoned underwater prison and quarry is located about 40 kilometers west from Tallinn. Rummu is a small town in Estonia, that hides a blue clear water lagoon. Water is cold like the ruins of the prison. This magical place is perfect for swimming and scuba diving on a sunny summer day. Every summer more and more turists discover the beach and it truly is a must visit location in Tallinn.

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Ungru Manor Castle Ruins

Ungru Manor Ruins in Estonia

Ungru Manor castle ruins are an impressive sight. Massive ruins can be easily spotted from the road next to it. It is just over an hour drive from Tallinn. The Manor was founded in 1523 and build from local materials under the supervision of an Estonian master builders A. Saar, E. Schwartz, and P. Shubaneyev. You can read more of the Ungru Manor’s history below in one of the pictures of the information board. Estonia is a country with a long history. The land is full of similar old castles, monasteries and fortresses.

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Keukenhof is one of the most famous landmarks in the Netherlands. It is The Garden of Europe, full of tulips, orchids, hyacinhts, and hundreds of other different varieties of flowers. On every summer weekend huge masses of people begin to trundle towards the Keukenhof. Cars and busses are blocking all roads leading to Keukenhof for several kilometers. Thousands of tourists from around the world will arrive on the spot to admire the floral arrangements.

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Six birds captured with one click

Clingendael Estate and Duinbos Park

Clingendael estate and the surrounding parks are easily my favourite places to visit on a sunny day. Because its location in the center of The Hague, it is an excellent place to visit on a beautiful day. It also covers a pretty large area, especially if you include Oosterbeek. Clingendael estate is currently the home of The Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael or Clingendael Institute. This Clingendael isn’t old industrial area like the Finnish Klingendahl in city of Tampere.

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Westduinpark Hiking

Westduinpark on The Coast of The Hague

Westduinpark is kind of a big dune in between the city of Hague and the North Sea. There is a smaller park right next to Westduinpark called Bosjes van Poot. Together these two parks cover 235 hectares. In the area there are many cycling and hiking trails. Westduinpark has also been designated with a Natura 2000 nature protection status. Believe or not, there is also Highland Cattle roaming free in the park.

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From My Home Street to The Hague Beach

Malakkastraat – My Home Street

My current living quarters in The Hague are located at Malakkastraat in the Archipelbuurt district. It’s a quiet neighborhood without shopping streets, but still within a 15 minutes walk from the City Center. Almost at backyard is a nice park or forest named Scheveningse Bosjes (Woods). Great place to jog and walk your dog. Wherever you walk the canals as a signposts. I took some photos from the surrounding streets and parks, enjoy.

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