Six birds captured with one click

Clingendael Estate and Duinbos Park

Clingendael estate and the surrounding parks are easily my favourite places to visit on a sunny day. Because its location in the center of The Hague, it is an excellent place to visit on a beautiful day. It also covers a pretty large area, especially if you include Oosterbeek. Clingendael estate is currently the home of The Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael or Clingendael Institute. This Clingendael isn’t old industrial area like the Finnish Klingendahl in city of Tampere.

Virtues of the park:

  • No cars
  • No bikes
  • No trash
  • No noice pollution
  • Many species of birds
  • Farm animals
  • Many gardens
  • Benches to sit
  • Art and monuments
  • Old original building
  • Flower seas

On a normal visit to the park you may encounter dog walkers, horse walkers, legal practitioners in suits, swans, sheep, bee-hives, japanese garden, etc. Take some picnic supplies and a thermos flask with you and head right in.

Photography of Clingendael Estate Surroundings

If you are not a shop-a-holic (or especially if you are), this is the location to relax, read, soak up the sun, walk, or explore the nature.

“Making benches is no walk in the park. It takes one a lot of love to make a bench, and then it takes two to make love on that bench.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.

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