I amsterdam

First things first – Amsterdam

The must have tourist photo in front of the I amsterdam.

After arriving Schiphol Airport we took the Bus 197 (ticket 5€) near to Vondelpark.  Our Hotel (Hotel City Garden Amsterdam) was very cozy and in a walking distance from the city center. Special delight was for the excellent breakfast. Due our quick stoping (2 nights) at Amsterdam we decided to walk around the city and get the feeling of it.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket was 15€ for 1 day and 20€ for 2 days. We skipped the trams and busses and walked everywhere. Only once we got lost after being too excited after seeing the I amsterdam -sign. But luckily we found ourselves at the local market street: Albert Cyup Market. Everything was on sale from perfumes to salmons. I personally liked the fact that there was free Wi-Fi available in almost every street corner. It’s easy to stay on the map and find the next interesting location.

Quick summary of The Amsterdam

  • A lot of tourists: even though it wasn’t a holiday season (middle of January) the city was packed with tourists from all over.
  • Happy people: tourists, locals, staff, everyone.. was happy! I don’t know why, and frankly I don’t care! Smiling feels good and makes the day better.
  • Marijuana, mushrooms & sex: the closer to city center you go the more of these three you’ll be seeing!
  • Canals: Amsterdam is full of canals and little bridges. For a Finn it’s very different and exotic environment for a city.
  • Wet weather: luckily we missed the rains. But the fog was overwhelming time to time. Overall visibility was under 100 meters at noon.
  • Jazz: a lot of live jazz music in cafés and pubs every day. 5 stars: Jazz Café Alto. Lisa Simpson would love it as did we.

Näytä suurempi kartta

The Netherlands

More pictures like this from my quick Amsterdam visit can be viewed over here.


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