From My Home Street to The Hague Beach

Malakkastraat – My Home Street

My current living quarters in The Hague are located at Malakkastraat in the Archipelbuurt district. It’s a quiet neighborhood without shopping streets, but still within a 15 minutes walk from the City Center. Almost at backyard is a nice park or forest named Scheveningse Bosjes (Woods). Great place to jog and walk your dog. Wherever you walk the canals as a signposts. I took some photos from the surrounding streets and parks, enjoy.

Park Sorghvliet (Zorgvliet)

Sorghvliet park was something different, not in a good or bad way, just plain different. I have to say that January might not be best time to visit parks, gardens of beaches, but let’s give it a go. At the gates of the park I noticed a bit more instructions and warnings than usually (of course almost everything in Dutch). Most confusing were the following orders:

  • No dogs or other animals allowed
  • No cycling or jogging
  • Park your bike in the bicycle area

So this is a serious chilling park. I followed the instructions and walked around the park. There is only one entrance (=exit) and there wasn’t anyone other in the Park. So anyways after getting out of The Ghost park I decided to read the park instructions more carefully. It turns out that I should have bought a ticket there. Apparently if you wanted to know more you’d learn Dutch. I managed to snap a few photos during my free tour at the park:

The Hague Beach and Scheveningen

The Hague Beach in January is a cold and windy (propably rainy too) place to visit. There are many  statues, memorials and of course a lot of sand. Scheveningen Badplaats (Seaside Town) is the name of the neighborhood at the beach. For tourists the beach isn’t the only thing to see. Right next to The Old Church (Oude Kerk) starts the Keizerstraat. Keizerstraat is a lovely little shopping street with many restaurants.

Photos along the way



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