Miniature Holland in The Hague

Madurodam is one of the most popular attractions in The Hague. A large open-air park contains a huge amount of The Netherlands in miniature size. The park is located near to the Scheveningen Beach. The park has almost all of the Dutch must-see attractions; Port of Rotterdam, Shiphol Airport, Tulip fields, Windmills, Cheese factories, Cathedrals, Castles, Wooden Clogs, Canals, Binnenhof, Streets of Amsterdam, International Peace Palace and many many more…

Photography of Madurodam

Tips before Madurodam:

  • Check the weather (sunny)
  • Reserve several hours
  • Avoid weekend crowds
  • Take the tram (avoid parking)
  • Keep an eye on your food (seagulls)

During the several hours in Madurodam I only managed to photograph small part of the park. The amount and accuracy of the details is amazing. Although I think I succeeded to walk every part of it. What I’m saying is, that it is quite a large and detailed park. Take your time and enjoy the Dutch accuracy in this interesting and family friendly miniature park.

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