Mauritshuis Art Museum in The Hague

Part of our introduction days in The Hague University included a museum tour in the legendary Mauritshuis. The Museum is located in the heart of The Hauge right next to Binnenhof. It was renovated a couple of years ago and has hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. The most famous paintings are Girl with a Pearl Earring, aka Dutch Mona Lisa, by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt. I tried my best not to be the obtrusive picture snapping tourist, so I didn’t use flash even though conditions were pretty dim.

”I should do this more often.”

Every time I visit a museum I think to myself: ”I sould do this more often.” Let’s see when the next time I manage to find myself in a museum will be. It’s not too expensive (Mauritshuis: adults 14€, students 11€) or time consuming.


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